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Articulating Crane, Articulating Cranes the most versatile crane in the World. Articulating Crane offers articulating cranes or (Knuckleboom) cranes from: PM Cranes, Amco Veba, Prentice and Cormach as well as parts, service, repairs, installation and training.

An articulating crane can be mounted on a Pickup Truck, Semi, Flatbed, Barge, Boat, Yacht, Ship, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Drywall Truck, Roofing truck, Trash or Debris Truck, Dump Truck or any place there is room to operate it.

We also offer custom installation on the truck or ship of your choice as well as expert advice on the mounting, placement and type of articulating crane for your particular application or job. One call to our expert articulating crane specialist will supply you with all the information you need as to the type, size and model of articulating crane your job or industry requires.

An articulating crane is a folding crane built in sections that folds at each section or knuckle, working just like your arm and wrist. Each hydraulically operated section has a full range of movement. No cables or winches are used in the lifting or moving process. The system is fully articulated and can perform some absolutely amazing tasks. Fast, agile, precise and simple to operate. The articulating crane can perform almost any job from storm cleanup to staging delicate objects through windows or doors to lifting massive payloads and placing them on a pinpoint. When the job is done the articulating or knuckleboom crane folds in on it's self to store in a very small space leaving plenty of room for debris or payload. From delivery to cleanup the articulating crane is second to none when it comes to versatility and precision control.

An Articulating crane or articulating cranes are also called articulated cranes, knuckleboom cranes, knuckle cranes, knuckle booms and several more depending on the part of the Country or industry your in.

The articulating crane of today is monitored by a high power computer system to assure the load is handled properly and the crane is not overloaded, over stressed, or operated in and dangerous situations. The computer system is making a record of all movements, functions and warnings at all time and can easily be printed out or read from the crane or truck. This functionality lets the owned know exactly what the crane has done at any given time and can be set to save the information as long as you like. Think if the insurance savings and liability issues you can avoid with this type of information and it can not be turned off by the operator. The articulating crane is the future today and the most versatile crane available able to handle jobs of any kind.

One articulating crane can do the job of several other cranes and clean up the mess when you're done. Attachments like grapples, forks, buckets and more can make one crane the go to tool for all your needs.

Drywall, Roofing, Monument, Pre-Cast, Debris Removal, Poured Wall, Foundation, Forestry or any other type of work, the articulating crane can do the job at a price you can afford.

No matter what type of job you are doing an articulating crane is the only choice for ease of use as well as affordability and cost of ownership.

In addition to offering articulating cranes from, PM Cranes, Amco Veba Cranes, Prentice Cranes and Cormach Crane, we offer parts, sales, service and repair for all makes and models on the market today. No matter what type of crane you have we have the part you need in stock in our Multi-Million Dollar inventory as well as the expert technicians to install them and get your articulating crane back to work fast!
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